Mud Ax® Mud Removal Tool

Boot, Shoe and Cleat Scraper

This Really Works! "No More Sticks!"TM


For anyone who needs to remove mud. Athletes, gardeners, hunters, golfers, construction workers, outdoor workers and anyone who gets mud on boots, shoes or cleats.

This makes a great gift for players, coaches or teams.

"I think they are cool as all get out and I am going to order a bunch for the team and give one to each player at our end of season party." Tony, USA

"It's perfect for cleaning golf shoes." James, USA

"I use the Mud Ax to clean my running shoes." Vickie, USA

"I've used it to clean ice off my car, my stove and my lawn mower." Linda, USA

"The Mud AX is great for getting dirt, grass and small gravels out of the bottom of tennis shoes." Phil, USA

" the heck out of stomping your feet in the parking lot!" Jack, USA

The Mud Ax is a hard plastic tool designed to scrape and clean mud from shoes, cleats and boots. It is 8 inches long, 1.1 inch wide and 3/16 inch thick. It is specially designed to clean mud from the sides and bottom of boots and shoes, from around cleats, and from the grooves on the bottom of tennis and athletic shoes. It is made of tough plastic polycarbonate and is a bright orange color that is easy to find if you drop it. It is long enough that you can get a good grip on it and clean the mud without getting mud all over your hand. It is designed so you can easily wipe it clean. There is a 5/8 inch diameter hole in the end so you can put it on a key chain or hang it on a nail. This really works! You can easily carry it with you and we suggest you buy several so you can keep one in your car, in your garage and in your sports bag. It will fit inside a standard plastic sandwich bag or on a key chain or on a nail in the garage.

PRICING AND QUANTITY DISCOUNTS: All prices are U.S. Dollars. No sales tax charges in the 50 United States, except in Tennessee.

SHIPPING: We are located in Tennessee and ship to the 50 United States, Australia, Canada, Denmark, Hong Kong, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden, and the United Kingdom from this site. Standard shipping is by U.S. mail or UPS to all 50 states and is $2.95 for all mud ax, patch, sleeve tie, magent and ribbon orders, regardless how many ordered. We also offer shipping to the 50 United States by U.S. Priority Mail for an additional $4.00 (estimated arrival time 3 days) or by U.S. Express Mail for an additional $14.40 (estimated arrival time 1-2 days if the order is placed before noon Monday thru Thursday).

1 Mud Ax = $5.95 each plus $2.95 S & H *
2 to 4 Mud Axes = $4.95 each plus $2.95 S & H *
5 to 9 Mud Axes = $4.50 each plus $2.95 S & H *
10 or more Mud Axes = $3.95 each plus $2.95 S & H *

* S & H is a flat $2.95 regardless of how many ordered (example: $2.95 for 1 or $2.95 for 15)


Over 30, Contact us for pricing.

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